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A clear, colourless product containing low levels of minerals and suitable for use in a wide range of bacteriological culture media.

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Amyl Bacteriological Agar, RM 250, is a complex polysaccharide product prepared from the Gelidium species of red algae (seaweeds) known as agarophytes, extracted from deep cold water of the southern oceans.

The substance contains two main types of polysaccharides which are important in it’s use in microbiological culture media:

  • Agarose, a neutral polymer which is responsible for the gelling properties of Agar.
  • Agaropectin, a charged polymer responsible for the viscosity of agar.

The ratio of Agarose to Agaropectin in Agar varies according to the type of algae used, but can be as high as 3:1.

The working strength gel of Amyl Bacteriological Agar is normally around 1% in distilled water, but this level can vary from between 0.3% and 3% depending upon the application for which it may be used. Gelling properties of agar are reduced with excessive heat, particularly at acid pH values, since the polysaccharide linkages are very susceptible to cleavage under these conditions, so that preparation of culture media containing agar must be performed with the minimum heat required to achieve sterilisation.

The presence in agar of high levels of free ions, particularly Ca++ and Mg++, which can react with phosphate salts incorporated into various formulations of bacteriological culture media to form insoluble precipitates in the gel is unsuitable. All of these substances, however, are essential for microbial metabolism, and the levels of mineral ions in Amyl Bacteriological Agar are suitable for it’s use in all types of culture media, including those media used for antimicrobial diffusion procedures. The use of water other than reagent grade can, of course, influence factors.

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