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Amyl Anti-Bubble Solution is a silicone, water dilutable, antifoaming substance that has been formulated to control foaming and bubble formation in microbiological culture media., with no adverse effects on the growth of micro-organisms.


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Because of the low level required (10-100 ppm), Anti-Bubble is a highly economical method of bubble control in culture media, eliminating the need for ‘flaming’ plate media to eradicate bubbles.

The product is capable of withstanding extremely high temperatures without affecting it’s performance, allowing it to be sterilised by autoclaving in culture media prior to the later addition of bubble forming additives such as sterile animal blood.It should not however, be added to hot media as this may cause agglomeration of the drops and make even distribution impossible.

CAUTION: Amyl Antibubble solution is NOT supplied in sterile form and must not be added to previously sterilized culture media.

Amyl Anti-Bubble is slightly thixotropic in nature, a result of which may cause it to become less flowable after refrigeration or a long period of storage. Slight agitation of the tube such as rolling between the hands, will restore the flowable characteristics of the product with no adverse effects on it’s performance.

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