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A medium used to detect the presence of members of the Pseudomonadaceae in water samples.

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Asparagine Broth is specified in Australian Standards AS 4276.10.1,4276.11,2 4276.12 3 and 4276.13 4 as a selective enrichment medium for the isolation of Pseudomonads and Pseudomonas aeruginosa from water using the multiple tube dilution method and the membrane filtration method. Asparagine (the amide form of the amino acid aspartic acid) provides a source of carbon and nitrogen, while a phosphate buffering system maintains the pH of the medium at an optimum level for growth. The addition of magnesium sulphate to the medium, as well as providing a source of the essential elements Mg++ and S– stimulates the production of pigments (Pyocyanin , Pyorubin, Pyoverdins) by those members of the Genus, Ps.aeruginosa, Ps. fluorescens etc. that are capable of their synthesis.

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