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Infusion media particularly suitable for the cultivation of fastidious organisms, fungi and moulds.

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An infusion medium incorporating di-sodium phosphate to enhance the growth of streptococci, pneumococci and meningococci by maintaining the proper hydrogen ion concentration.

The addition of glucose improves the growth of pneumococci and streptococci, while addition of enrichment supplements yeast extract, haemin and menadione provides a suitable medium for primary anaerobic culture, providing the broth is pre-reduced prior to use, in a situation where aerobes and microaerophils are also cultured in the upper portions of the broth.

0.1% agar and 10% defibrinated horse blood added to the basic broth provides a medium suitable for cultivation of systemic fungi. The further addition of 20 units of penicillin and 40 units of streptomycin per millilitre of broth renders it selective for fungi in cultures contaminated with bacterial flora.


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