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BRILLIANT GREEN AGAR - modified plus desoxycholate

A diagnostic selective agar for salmonella, other than S. typhi, isolated from food and other materials.

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Brilliant Green Agar – modified is based on a slight modification of the formulation supplied by Rijks Instituut voor de Volksgezondheid, Utrecht. Amyl media contains 0.01 g/L brilliant green dye, whereas the R.I.V. formulation contains 0.0047 g/L.

R.I.V. formulation has been extensively evaluated in Europe, and is now included in the ISO standards. It is claimed to demonstrate greater suppression of unwanted flora than other formulations.

Vassilliadis et al described the addition of 2.5 g/L sodium desoxycholate to prevent the swarming of some proteus species without reducing the recovery of salmonella species. Sodium desoxycholate also reduces the growth of contaminating coliforms, which are of a particular problem because salmonella present in foods and sewerage, both treated and sludge, are often sub-lethally damaged and require both a resuscitation and enrichment procedure prior to inoculation onto solid medium. Antibiotic supplements have also been recommended to reduce the presence of contaminating flora. Watson and Walker reported the addition of a combined supplement comprising sulphacetamide at a level of 1.0 g/L and mandelic acid at a level of 250 mg/L of Brilliant Green Agar – modified.

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