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A selective medium used for the detection of coliforms and the presumptive confirmation of E.Coli in water, foods and dairy products.

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The highly selective and differential clear medium is used to detect and/or confirm the presence of lactose-fermenting members of the coli-aerogenes group of micro-organisms. It is recommended for use in detecting the lactose-fermenting Gram negative bacilli in Water,2,3 Sewage3, Foods4,5, and Dairy products6.

Ox bile and the brilliant green dye, incorporated in the medium inhibits all Gram positive bacteria and Gram negative bacilli other than coliforms. The brilliant green content also suppresses anaerobic lactose fermenters7 which may give rise to false positive results at 44°C. However, studies by Shane8 showed that Clostridium multifermentans may grow and give false positive reactions. Dunham and Schoenlein9 demonstrated improved development of E. coli in the medium with a reduced bile content and a higher dilution of the brilliant green dye. The proportion of bile and brilliant green in the medium is carefully adjusted to give optimum results. It is therefore important to maintain proper concentration of ingredients after the addition of sample or test material.

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