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For the resuscitation and pre-enrichment of stressed cells prior to selective isolation. Recommended by the SAA for the recovery of injured salmonella from processed foods.

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Studies in the recovery of salmonellae from frozen1 and other2,3 processed foods have concluded that sublethal cellular injury incurred in those processes enhances the sensitivity of the organism to selective enrichment and other selective media. It was also concluded that pre-enrichment in buffered peptone water prior to selective enrichment and isolation greatly improved the recovery of salmonellae from processed foods. The buffering capacity of Amyl Media Buffered Peptone Water is designed to overcome changes in pH due to metabolite production during the 18 hour pre-enrichment incubation period. Amyl Media buffered Peptone Water (AM 10) conforms to Australian Standards Food Microbiology formulae for a pre-enrichment broth4.

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