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Cystine-Lactose-Electrolyte-Deficient Agar (C.L.E.D.) is a non-inhibitory differential media deficient in electrolytes to prevent swarming of Proteus species. C.L.E.D. Agar conforms to Australian Standards.

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Amyl C.L.E.D. Agar, AM 34, is made to the formula described by Mackey and Sandys1 for the cultivation of urinary bacteria. C.L.E.D. Agar is non-inhibitory, supporting the growth of all urinary pathogens. Common contaminants including: micrococci, lactobacilli and diptheroids are also supported, providing an indication of “cleanliness” of a sample and/or the suitability of collection techniques. Although nutritious, swarming of Proteus species is prevented by the electrolyte deficiency of Amyl Media C.L.E.D. Agar. Bacterial differentiation is aided by the addition of lactose and bromothymol blue to the media. Generally, lactose fermenters appear yellow and non-lactose fermenters appear green-blue. Gillespie2 found that cystine improved the growth of normally ‘dwarf colony’ coliform bacilli that were otherwise often overlooked.

Mackey and Sandys1,3 developed C.L.E.D. Agar for use in a Dip Inoculum Transport technique, a system that was improved by Guttman and Naylor4, who used a slide. The media coated slide is dipped in freshly voided urine and does not need to be incubated for 48 hours. This overcomes the problems of inaccuracy associated with delays in transport to laboratories. C.L.E.D. Agar is recommended by the Standards Association of Australia, for the performance of purity checks when biochemical tests are being undertaken for the confirmation of Salmonella species in dairy and other foodstuffs5.

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