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A lyophilised antimicrobial supplement for the preparation of blood free selective media for the isolation of Campylobacter sp. from clinical, veterinary material.


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Amyl Campylobacter Blood Free Supplement, SP 403, is a modification of the original selective substance used by Bolton et al, when they developed their CCD Blood Free Agar (CCD Agar) for the isolation of Campylobacter jejunii from faecal specimens5.

The original formulation of CCDA contained Cefazolin to a level of 10 mgm/ml. Hutchinson and Bolton6 replaced Cefazolin with Cefaperozone, to give a final level in the medium of 32 mgm/ml, because of the latter’s superior inhibition of contaminating bacteria. Amyl Campylobacter Blood Free Supplement also provides a level of inhibition to fungal overgrowth by the incorporation of Amphotericin to give a final concentration in prepared medium of 10 mgm/L.

Supplied in box of 10 x 500ml vials

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