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Amyl Media Cooked Meat Granules are prepared from fresh, lean horse muscle.

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The meat is trimmed free of fat and gristle, then coarsely minced to ensure definite meat pieces after cooking and dehydration. A unique washing, cooking, solubilising and neutralising process is carried out on the meat granules rendering them free of insoluble lipids and phospholipids. Suspended in a clear broth, Amyl Media Cooked Meat Granules will not impart haze or cause pH drift. Amyl Media quality control includes size grading to eliminate both oversized and fibrous, dust like particles.

Amyl Media Cooked Meat Granules provide a variety of functions when incorporated into various liquid media. Cooking the meat denatures protein. This exposes Sh – groups, giving the meat granules the ability to reduce the supernatent broth and so provide an anaerobic medium. Hilber1 and Robertson2 used cooked meat when conducting tests to classify bacteria based upon their ability to break down protein. Proteolytic organisms digest the meat turning it black, this is associated with the release of sulphur compounds, giving a characteristic, putrid smell. Saccharolytic organisms rapidly produce acid and gas but do not digest the meat. The meat particles may become reddened due to the production of acid.

Cooked Meat added to many liquid media provides a complete nutrient source for the cultivation of many micro-organisms, especially clostridia. Sutton and Hobbs3 employed cooked meat media for the heat susceptibility testing of Clostridium welchii in an effort to determine it’s responsibility in food poisoning outbreaks. In a study of the enrichment of Cl. botulinum from soil, food and necropsy material. Dubovsky and Meyer4 utilised cooked meat media with considerable success over previous methods available.

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