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Used for the detection of Chlamydospore production, Blastospore arrangement and maintenance of fungal stock culture.

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Corn Meal Agar is a mycological media used for Chlamydospore production by Candida Albicans and the maintenance of fungal cultures.

This medium is of low nutritional value and is used to demonstrate microscopically the typical blastospore arrangement and mycelial appearance of yeast, and the production of chlamydospores by C. albicans.

It may also be used for the preservation of stock cultures.

Examination of the Chlamydospores microscopically reveals the typical Blastospore arrangement and terminal Chlamydospores in Candida Albicans culture.

The addition of Tween 80 (1%) enhances the development of chlamydospores on this media.

The addition of Dextrose 0.2% will enhance the chromogenesis of some species of Trichophyton.

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