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A storage system designed for long term, low temperature preservation and simplified recovery of Q.C. and starter organisms.


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The Amyl Culture Storage Beads system consists of a polycarbonate vial containing sterile, cryoprotective Amyl Culture Storage Broth, together with a minimum of 25 glass beads, the surface of which has been treated so as to support the adherence and carriage of micro-organisms.

The beads, in their polycarbonate cryovial, are coated with a pure culture of the chosen organism by suspending the organism in the fluid, the fluid removed and, after appropriate labelling, the vial placed in a -70°C freezer for extended storage of at least 12 months for most organisms, and longer for others.

When the organism is required for Q.C. or other purposes, the vial is removed from the freezer, a single bead removed and cultured, and the vial rapidly returned to the freezer.

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