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Custom Formulation Pre-Poured Plates


Amyl media has several custom formulations of pre-pored plates.

As many of theses formulations are time consuming and sometimes expensive to make we have a minimum quantity that must be ordered.

The list below is some of the more popular custom formulations.

Bacilis Cereus Plates

Bismuth Sulphite Agar Plates

Campylobacter Preston Plates

Campyobacter Skirrow Plates

Chocolate Agar Plates

Cled Plates

DCA Plates

DRBC Plates

EMBA Plates

HBA/MAC Plates

M17 Agar Plates

Macconkey Agar (Without Salt) Plates

Macconkey Agar with Crystal Violet Plates

MRS Agar Plates


Pseudomonas with CFC Plates

Rogosa Agar Plates

WL Nutrient Agar with Actidione Plates

Yersinia Agar Plates


For minimum order quantities or other pre-poured plate enquiries please contact us and we will be happy to assist you with your order..

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