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A medium for the determination of gelatin liquefaction and lactose fermentation by Clostridia. Conforms to Australian Standard Methods

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Amyl Lactose Gelatin Medium, AM 713, conforms to the formulation developed by Hauschild and Hilsheimer1 for the detection of lactose fermentation and gelatin liquefaction by members of the genus Clostridia, and is specified in the Australian Standard for Food Microbiology as a medium to be used for confirmation of the identity of Clostridium perfringens isolated from food products2. The presence of diSodium phosphate provides a buffering effect against excess acid production following the fermentation of lactose which is manifested by a medium colour change from red to yellow as acid is produced and the phenol red indicator in the medium alters colour.

Nutrients, growth factors and vitamins for the growth of more fastidious organisms, are supplied by the tryptose and yeast extract. in the medium, while gelatin is present as an indicator of proteolytic activity.

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