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A liquid supplement essential for completion of the formulation of Letheen Agar, (AM 88) and Letheen Broth, (AM 89). Component levels conform to APHA and FDA nutrient media specifications for disinfectant neutralization.


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Amyl Letheen Liquid Supplement, SP 430, contains ingredients essential for the complete formulation of Amyl Letheen Agar, AM 88 and Amyl Letheen Broth, AM 89. (See Amyl Technical Data Sheet for these products). These media are specified by the American Public Health Association1 and the Food and Drug Administration2 for the enumeration of remaining viable micro-organisms on instruments and surfaces following chemical disinfection.

Lecithin and Polysorbate 80 neutralise the effect of disinfectant residues used in the sanitation of food utensils, food preparation surfaces as well as clinical areas including operating theatres , thus facilitating the recovery and quantitation of viable micro-organisms, growth of which may be inhibited due to the bacteriostatic effect of disinfectant residue in the sample.

Lecithin is a neutraliser of quaternary ammonium type disinfectant compounds while Polysorbate 80, in addition to exhibiting activity against QAT disinfectants, is also active in neutralising the activity of phenolic and hexachlorophene (Hibitaneā„¢) compounds, as well as having some effect on formalin.

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