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A differential medium, of varying selectivity, used for the detection and isolation of enteric micro-organisms and other Gram negative bacteria present in clinical, water and food samples.

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MacConkey Agar No 3 R Y AM97 is classified as a highly selective medium due to the presence of crystal violet and bile salts number 3 and differential by it’s ability to ferment lactose. It is recommended by the APHA for direct plating of water samples for coliform counts, examination of food samples for food poisoning organisms and for isolation of salmonella and shigella spp., in cheese.

It is used for the primary isolation and differentiation of Enterobacteriaceae from urine and other clinical specimens such as wound swabs.

It provides superior differentiation between lactose and non-lactose fermenters in faecal samples being examined for pathogens.

Other applications include examination of dairy products for an Gram negative flora.

Gram positive organisms are usually completely inhibited, but due to the selective properties of the medium, some Gram negative enteric bacteria may fail to grow or grow poorly, and incubation for 48 hours may be necessary.


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