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A membrane media platform used for the detection of coliforms, including E.coli, that eliminates the need for membrane incubation pads.

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Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth is similar in use to it’s predecessor Membrane Enriched Teepol Broth. In 1967 Burman substituted Teepol in place of bile salts in the membrane filtration test medium used for detection of coliforms in water, after it had been recommended by Jameson and Emberley. Jebb and Windle-Taylor had also substituted Teepol for bile salts and found it to be satisfactory. During his work, Burman had demonstrated that a resuscitation medium was not necessary when using Membrane Enriched Teepol Broth because the same effect could be achieved by carrying out an initial low temperature incubation step. Thus he recommended that non-chlorinated samples should be incubated at 30°C for 4 hours and chlorinated samples should be incubated at 25°C for 6 hours, prior to their usual incubation temperature.

When production of Teepol 610 ceased in 1976 work was commenced to find a suitable agent to replace Teepol. The Public Health Laboratory Service joint committee and the Standing Committee of Analysts analysed the results and recommended that sodium lauryl sulphate should be used.

Membrane Lauryl Sulphate Broth has been recommended as a standard method the examination of water and sewerage for coliform organisms and E. coli using a membrane technique, by two authorities.

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