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Recommended for the recovery and detection by immunological methods of stressed salmonella cells from processed and frozen foods where double buffering is required.

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Amyl Modified Buffered Peptone Water AM743 has been formulated to provide the extra buffering capacity that may be required when recovering stressed Salmonella cells from frozen or processed foods prior to their detection by the immunocapture method.1

Doubling of the concentration of buffering salts contained in the SAA recommended formulation (Amyl Buffered Peptone Water AM 10) for conventional pre-enrichment prior to selective enrichment will ensure that the pH of the pre-enrichment broth remains within the acceptable range required for the antigen capture step in the procedure.1

Modified buffered peptone water with double strength buffering capacity could be used for routine, conventional microbial cell resuscitation procedures prior to selective enrichment, however the formulation specified by the SAA2 for this purpose, follows the recommendations of the WHO3, and this is the formulation used in Amyl Buffered Peptone Water AM10.

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