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A selective primary enrichment broth which is a modification of the Fraser formula for the isolation and cultivation of Listeria sp. Conforms to Australian Standard Methods specifications.

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Amyl Modified (Half Fraser) Listeria Fraser Medium, AM 753, is a modification of Fraser Broth1 which has been formulated in order to comply with the specification required by the Australian Standard (Microbiology) for the detection of Listeria monocytogenes in Food and Animal Feeding Stuffs2.

The principal differences between Fraser Broth and Half Fraser Broth are that the level of both Acriflavine and Nalidixic Acid in the latter medium is Half the level of each of these substances in Fraser Broth . This modification is designed to limit any inhibitory effect that the substances may have on sub-lethally damaged listeria cells while still maintaining an adequate inhibitory effect on other, contaminating bacteria3,4. All other constituents in the two media are of equivalent. strength.

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