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A selective media for the isolation and identification of fungi.

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Mycoderm Agar is a selective medium used for the primary isolation and identification of dermatophytes and other pathogenic fungi from clinical specimens contaminated with bacteria and saprophytic fungi.

It’s selectivity is by virtue of two antibiotics, viz, Cycloheximide (O.4 mg per ml) and Chloramphenicol(0.05 mg per ml). The medium with a nearly neutral pH is more suitable for early and luxuriant growth of pathogenic fungi.

Cycloheximide (Actidione) has little effect upon bacteria (and dermatophytes) but is especially helpful in suppressing growth of saprophytic fungi. The saprophytic fungi are generally more sensitive than pathogenic yeasts and moulds. Chloramphenicol is inhibitory to most bacteria and some pathogenic fungi.

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