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A general purpose culture medium.

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Amyl Nutrient Agar, AM130, is a general purpose medium used for the short term maintenance of stock cultures of non-fastidious organisms, to check purity of subcultured organisms prior to biochemical or serological testing and for routine use and demonstration purposes.

This medium is widely used in the analysis of water and milk samples, as well as in the clinical setting. A number of slight variations to the formulation have been described. The use of Bacteriological Peptone in place of Gelatin Peptone, and a combination of Yeast Extract plus Beef Extract, as opposed to Beef Extract results in a medium which offers a slightly different nutrient range.

When used for teaching purposes, this medium provides consistent results. A slightly more nutritious medium can be produced by reducing the level of water added to the powder by 5-10% and replacing this volume with blood, serum or other additive as required.

In semi-solid form, agar slopes or agar butts, the medium is used for short term maintenance of stock cultures and control organisms.

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