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Assists in the identification of gram negative and some gram positive organisms on the basis of oxidative or fermentative metabolism of carbohydrates or the organisms inability to utilise a carbohydrate. Conforms to Australian Standard Methods.

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Inoculation of an organism into two tubes of O-F (Oxidation Fermentation) Basal Medium containing a carbohydrate, eg. glucose, and the covering of one of the tubes with mineral oil in order to create anaerobic (fermentative) conditions in that tube during incubation will result in a number of basic patterns of reaction, each of which is able to provide significant taxonomic information regarding the identity of the organism.

Organisms classified as OXIDATIVE utilisers of the carbohydrate will show little or no growth in the covered tube and production of acid, i.e. a blue- green to yellow colour change, in the open tube.

Organisms classified as FERMENTATIVE utilisers of the carbohydrate will show an acid reaction in both tubes, with or without gas production, indicating that the carbohydrate is utilised under both aerobic and anaerobic conditions, while non-utilisers of the carbohydrate will not demonstrate any colour change in the medium.

Because the medium is a semi-solid medium the detection of motility is possible.

Fastidious organisms may not grow in this medium and, therefore, it should be supplemented by the addition of 2% serum or 0.1% yeast extract if more nutritionally demanding organisms are to be tested.

Amyl Media O F Basal Medium is available in 100g and 500 g containers and bulk packs. Store the dehydrated medium in a dry area below 25ÂșC and use before the expiry date.

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