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A formulation designed for use as a ‘plug’ in tubed media where maintenance of anaerobic conditions is essential.

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Amyl Plugging Agar (Indicating), AM 714, is designed to be used as a sterile, molten overlay in tubed media such as Reinforced Clostridial Medium, AM 156, or Differential Reinforced Clostridial Broth, AM 715, where the maintenance of anaerobic conditions are essential for the growth of the target organism(s)

Anaerobic atmospheric conditions are maintained in the medium by the reducing agent, sodium thioglycollate, while the presence of the oxidation-reduction indicator, methylene blue, supplies visual evidence that these conditions remain valid, changing colour from colourless to blue in the event of any oxidation that may occur during the incubation period.

The employment of Amyl Plugging Agar (AM 714) in this way obviates the need to incubate culture tubes in an anaerobic jar or chamber and provides a visual indicator system of anaerobiosis, providing an economical, valid system for anaerobic incubation.

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