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A selective medium for the cultivation of Pseudomonas species.

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Pseudomonas Agar Base AM143 is a modification of the Pseudomonas medium described by King, Ward & Raney, known as King’s A medium. Cetrimide has been added at the rate of 10 mg/litre and in conjunction with the addition of CFC supplement render the medium selective for Pseudomonas species. Other constituents of the medium enhance pigment production and glycerol also provides a source of energy.

Mead & Adam’s demonstrated that reducing the cetrimide level to 10 mg/litre enabled growth of all pigmented and non-pigmented psychrophilic pseudomonads, in contrast to Cetrimide Agar AM 27 which has a cetrimide level of 0.3 g/litre and is designed for the isolation of Pseudomonads aeruginosa.

Pseudomonads, in particular Pseudomonas aeruginosa, have for a long time been known to be responsible for opportunistic infections mainly in the immuno-compromised. They are widely spread in nature and may be isolated from infusion fluids, disinfectants, cosmetics and foodstuffs. Pseudomonas fluorescens is commonly associated with spoilage of foodstuffs such as fish and meat. Pseudomonas cepacia has been isolated from rotten onions, as well as being a coloniser of some water systems, which is a cause of concern, particularly where the water is to be used in the manufacture of cosmetics or pharmaceuticals.


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