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A liquid medium used for sterility testing, determination of the fungistatic activity of pharmaceutical products and culture of yeasts and moulds.


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This medium conforms with the formulation described in the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), 17th review for the detection of yeast and mould contaminants in the sterility testing of pharmaceutical products1. The American Food and Drug Administration also describe it’s use2.

This medium is also suitable for the cultivation of yeasts, moulds and acid tolerant organisms such as lactic acid bacteria.

Mode of Action: The casein and meat peptones provide the nutritional requirements of yeasts, moulds and bacteria capable of growing in low pH. Dextrose is the fermentable carbohydrate for those organisms able to utilise it. The acidity of the medium suppresses growth of most bacteria.

Outline of Technique: For testing the fungistatic activity of pharmaceutical products, it is recommended that the above standards, including Pharmacopoeia of the United States XXI (1985)—Sterility Testing, be consulted3. A method is also described in the Code of Federal Regulations for use in antibiotic assays4. Regardless of the particular assay, inoculated tubes should be incubated at 25° ± 2°C. The incubation time is governed by the particular procedure. Turbidity indicates growth. When testing a product for sterility, any turbidity indicates growth and identification may not be necessary.

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