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An antibiotic susceptibility medium that conforms with recommended guidelines.

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Amyl Sensitivity Test Agar, AM 168, is an antimicrobial susceptibility test medium that has been formulated to meet the specifications required by the WHO Expert Committee on Antibiotics.1

As the medium is free of antagonists, it is suitable for testing the susceptibility of organisms to sulphonamides and trimethoprim without the addition of lysed horse erythrocytes as a source of thymidine phosphorylase.

The presence of neucleotides and other growth factors, including thiamine, in the medium, ensure that a suitable nutrient base is provided for adequate growth of the majority of organisms encountered in a diagnostic microbiology laboratory that may require antibiotic susceptibility testing.

However, for the susceptibility testing of some of the more fastidious organisms, the addition of 5-10 % defibrinated horse or sheep blood in whole or ‘chocolated’ form may be necessary.

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