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A composite indicator medium used to differentiate between members of the Genus Enterobacteriaceae. Conforms to Australian Standards specifications.

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Amyl Triple Sugar Iron Agar, AM 195, is a composite medium, specified in Australian Standard Methods for differentiating between members of the Genus Enterobacteriaceae by means of three carbohydrate fermentation reactions, together with the ability to produce hydrogen sulphide. The medium contains the carbohydrates, glucose, sucrose and lactose, together with Phenol red, an acid – base indicator that changes the colour of the medium from red to yellow when acid is produced by carbohydrate fermentation. Sodium thiosulphate is reduced to sulphide by H2S producers, producing black ferric sulphide in the presence of iron (Ferric Citrate). Bacteriological peptones provide growth sources of nitrogen and carbon, while beef extract and yeast extract are sources of vitamins and growth factors. Sodium chloride maintains osmotic equilibrium.

Amyl Triple Sugar Iron Agar, AM 195, is available in 100g, 500g containers. Store the dehydrated product below 25°C away from strong light and use before expiry date. Tighten cap after use.

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