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A versatile general growth medium that conforms to the U.S.P. specifications for Soybean - Casein Digest Agar. Amyl Tryptone Soy Agar supplemented with 5% horse or sheep blood is useful for studying haemolytic reactions.

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Amyl Tryptose Soy Agar, AM 186, is a nutritious medium containing two types of peptones but no carbohydrate or other additives that can be used for a variety of routine plating purposes.

Tryptone Soy Agar supports the growth of aerobes and facultative anaerobic organisms and may be used as the base medium for differentiation of Haemophilus species. X and V factor discs are placed on the agar after prior inoculation. The discs should be well separated to clearly demonstrate satellism. Slopes of the agar may be used for sub-culture of pure strains and plates used to sub-culture isolates grown on selective media prior to further identification.

With the addition of blood to TSA, haemolytic reactions may be determined. Horse blood gives a different haemolytic appearance to sheep blood and, therefore, it is important to control results with strains of organisms of known haemolytic activity.

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