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A fluid medium used to stimulate the microbial production of indole for identification procedures as defined by AS 1095 and AS 1766.

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Amyl Tryptone Water AM190 culture medium is prepared from a pancreatic digest of casein and contains high levels of the amino acid tryptophane, making it a valuable substrate when used as a culture medium for the detection of indole produced by tryptophanase containing bacteria. The production of indole is an important indicator when differentiating bacteria on the basis of their biochemical characteristics and is particularly relevant for the identification of Escherichia coli in water and food products.1 2 3

Tryptone water is also a suitable medium for demonstrating motility by microscopy and, because of it’s high nitrogen content and absence of carbohydrate material can be used as a substrate for carbohydrate containing media when identifying bacteria according to their ability to ferment various carbohydrates.

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