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WORT AGAR Supplement

An essential additive for the preparation of Wort Agar AM 216.


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Wort Agar AM 216 with supplement is consistent with the formulation described by Parfitt. Although a general purpose medium, Wort Agar is particularly suitable for the cultivation and enumeration of yeasts and moulds in butter. In a comparative study of Wort Agar and other media, Parfitt recommended the use of dehydrated whey, malt or Wort Agar for this purpose. Scarr modified Wort Agar by dissolving the ingredients in a syrup solution when using it for the examination of sugar products for osmophilic yeasts. His technique is also used by soft drink manufacturers when examining their products for the presence of osmophilic yeasts.

Parfitt’s formulation is similar to the composition of natural wort. It’s acid pH suppresses growth of most bacteria whilst providing an optimal environment for many yeasts.

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