Amyl Media – Industry Leader

Amyl Media has a proud history of serving the microbiology community for more than 40 years. It is now a second and third generation organisation with a vast wealth of experience spanning every area of microbiology.

Australia’s unique position as a ‘Mad Cow’ free environment, makes the sourcing and production of many of our ingredients Biosafe and thus very export friendly to all sectors of the world.

Only the very best ingredients are used to ensure the predictable performance of organisms, thus giving you peace of mind as the scientist. You get precisely what you expect and you can rely upon it.

As manufacturers, we can and do manufacture to specialty formulations for clients globally. This can be anything from a small ‘tweak’ of a formulation to a total formulation, specified by you for your organisation.

Practical things like ‘Batch Lock’ are also available for larger volumes.

Here at Amyl Media, we pride ourselves with Accuracy, Integrity, Honesty & Reliability, from your first point of contact with us, right through to the Microbes on your bench!.

Let Amyl Media serve you with Quality, Reliable, Competitive products today.

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