About Us

Amyl Media was incorporated in 1988 and is a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of products required for the cultivation and identification of a wide range of micro-organisms, particularly pathogenic and environmental bacteria. These micro-organisms play a significant role in the spread of diseases in man and animals, the spoilage of food products, and the destruction (or protection) of the environment.

Thus the output of Amyl Media Pty Ltd is vital for the well-being of people, animals, and the land in the Australian context. In times of huge disruption to supplies from overseas suppliers, Amyl Media Pty Ltd would become the only local supplier of the products required by the testing community.

Amyl Media Pty Ltd has its Headquarters and manufacturing plant at Dandenong south where it has Administration, Production, Storage and Testing facilities. It shares this location with its sister Company, Spintron Pty Ltd which does some research and development work for Amyl Media Pty Ltd.

Mission Statement:

Amyl Media, being a family owned Australian company, shall be a leader in the manufacture, supply, and support of microbiological media. It takes pride in supporting the microbiological media industry both locally and globally.