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Used in conjunction with Cooked Meat Granules, AM 33, or used alone for the cultivation of anaerobic and microaerophilic organisms.

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Amyl Cooked Meat Pre-reduced Broth AM 32, when used in conjunction with Amyl Cooked Meat Granules, AM 33, provides a superlative medium for the cultivation of even the most oxygen labile anaerobic organisms. The fluid medium can also be used alone as an anaerobic broth for the cultivation of strictly anaerobic, microaerophilic and facultatively anaerobic micro-organisms. The formulation of the broth, incorporating the reducing substances sodium thioglycollate and cysteine, lowers the oxidation-reduction potential of the medium which, together with the reducing substances present in the meat granules, ensures that ideal conditions prevail for anaerobiosis. Yeast extract, pancreatic digest of casein and glucose provide sources of protein and carbohydrate together with essential growth factors, ensuring a more than adequate nutrient base for growth of even the most fastidious micro-organisms, the opacity of the supernatent medium changing dramatically as the anaerobes thrive in the optimal environmental conditions. The medium can be further enriched by the addition of Haemin (5 mgm/L) and Vitamin K1 (10 mgm/L).6

The presence of the thioglycollate radical also providies a neutralizing effect to the bacteriostatic activity of mercury based disinfectants that may have a residual effect on the growth of some bacteria present in clinical material.

Cooked meat medium is specified for use in the Australian Standard Methods1 for the detection of anaerobic organisms, particularly Cl.perfringens, in food products and for the enrichment culture of spores of Cl.botulinum that may be present in certain food products in order to produce toxin for confirmatory tests

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