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A semi-solid medium for the cultivation and enumeration of anaerobic and microaerophilic organisms, including clostridia and lactobacilli, from food and clinical material. Conforms to Australian Standard Methods

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Amyl Reinforced Clostridium Medium, AM 156, is compounded according to the formulation of Hirsch and Grinsted1 and conforms with the specifications required by the Australian Standard for Food Microbiology.2

RCM is a semi-solid medium containing a particularly rich array of nutrients required for the growth of fastidious organisms, together with sodium chloride to maintain osmotic equilibrium, while the reducing agent l-cysteine with a small amount of agar provides a suitable anaerobic environment for the cultivation and enumeration of anaerobic and microaerophilic organisms from foodstuffs and clinical specimens.

The medium is non-indicating and non-selective, containing no indicator systems or inhibitory agents. To inhibit the growth of unwanted gram negative bacteria, Polymixin B may be added to a concentration of 15-20μg/ml.1

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