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A lyophilised antimicrobial supplement for the preparation of selective media used for the isolation of Campylobacter species from clinical, veterinary and environmental specimens. Conforms to Australian Standard Methods.


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Preston Campylobacter Selective Supplement , SP 398, is formulated according to the specifications of Bolton and Robertson2, who used the antibiotic combination in the development of the Preston Media for the selective isolation of Campylobacterspecies from human, animal and environmental sources.

The supplement can be used in both agar and broth media, the latter being used as a resuscitation and enrichment step prior to inoculation onto the solid medium, and can be added to a variety of suitable basal media, including Columbia Agar, AM36, Blood Agar Base, AM 17, and Nutrient Broth Standard, AM 132.

The original Preston medium incorporated the antibiotics into a formulation equivalent to Nutrient Broth Standard, adding bacteriological agar to the broth to create a solid medium. However, the formulation of Blood Agar Base, AM17, is equivalent to that of AM132 with added agar, so either of these media can be utilized as the solid medium, while Nutrient Broth Standard should be used for the fluid medium. These criteria satisfy criteria required in the Australian Standard for Food Microbiology.1

Supplied in box of 10 x 500ml vials

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