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A fungal culture medium used to stimulate the formation of macrospores.

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Amyl Oatmeal Agar, AM 139, is a medium designed for the cultivation and long term storage of fungal organisms, including yeasts, filamentous fungi and dimorphic genera.

A nutritionally impoverished medium, Oatmeal Agar stimulates the organism to produce conidial growth, particularly macroconidia in the case of many filamentous fungal organisms, particularly dermatophytes, as well as chlamydospore formation  in yeasts, making it a particularly suitable medium for the study of fungal morphology and identification.

Because of it’s low nutrient levels, Oatmeal Agar is also a suitable medium for the long term storage of yeasts and moulds, the medium being poured in slope form in screw capped vials.

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